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Your mother lied…beauty is on the outside!

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Ice Dams

Clear the snow from your roof to prevent ice damming and costly interior leaking!

 There are many reasons to consider soffit and fascia coverings for your home.

- We use specially designed fasteners to ensure the soffit on your home lasts as long as it should.  Even though we use top quality materials, guaranteed to stand the test of time, they are still only as good as the installation, which is why each piece of soffit it attached with between 4 and 5 fasteners, ensuring it will never blow loose in the wind, or fall out over time.  


- Although we have access to many different profiles of soffit, we prefer to install Gentek 4 panel soffit, as we have found it provides excellent rigidity and which makes it more difficult to damage than similar 2 & 3 panel soffit.


- We carry standard fascia in 6, 8 and 10” profiles and we are also one of the few companies able to produce ribbed heavy gauge fascia in sizes up to 22” which is properly ribbed to prevent oil canning.