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Your mother lied…beauty is on the outside!

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Ice Dams

Clear the snow from your roof to prevent ice damming and costly interior leaking!

Most new roofing projects look good from the ground, however is it a quality job that is going to keep your home sealed and protected from the elements for years to come?  Advance Exteriors takes many steps to ensure your roof is good for the life of your home!

Roofing - How Were Different

Choosing the right product

Long before you ever consider replacing your roof, Advance Exteriors was researching the best products available in the roofing market.  We have done the homework for you to ensure you get the best quality product from the best suppliers

Adding the little extras…

With the installation of any new roof Advance Exteriors reccommends the installation of a synthetic underlay and ice and water shield to all your eaves edges and valleys.  This will give your roof the extra protection to prevent against ice damming or other possible roof problems.  We also use nails not staples to secure all of our roofs.  

Project inspection

We inspect each project after completion to ensure it has been properly installed to our strict guideline.  After all, every now and then mistakes can get made and things get missed, but we want to make sure the little things get corrected and you are completely satisfied with your new siding!

Lifetime Warranty

We are so confident in our quality and the care we take when working on your home that we are proud to be the first to offer an industry leading lifetime warranty on our installations.  You can have the piece of mind knowing that your house will be properly taken care of when you hire Advance Exteriors for your home renovation project!