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Your mother lied…beauty is on the outside!

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Ice Dams

Clear the snow from your roof to prevent ice damming and costly interior leaking!

There are several reasons to choose Advance Exteriors for all your eavestroughing needs.  We ensure you have a completed project that is going to stand the test of time as well as Manitoba’s harsh enviroment, click on the links below to see some of the features we use to ensure you the best product.

The Hanger counts

When hanging eavestrough the weakest part of the system is going to be how it attaches to the house.  You can see from the 3 examples below the varying strengths of hangers.  The bottom light duty hanger is the most commonly used type in Winnipeg installations due to it’s economical price.  We use the top hanger which will carry roughly 3x the weight compared to the economy model.  It also has a wider front lip to reduce eavestrough tearing by spreading the weight over a larger area.  The heavy duty hanger is always included as a FREE upgrade with every eavestrough installation from Advance Exteriors.  We also accurately space our hangers no more that 24” apart to guaranteed you the strength you need!

How we attached downspouts

For years the practice has always been to simply cut an X pattern in the bottom of the downspout, bend down the aluminum tabs and then screw the downspout into these tabs.  However as soon as there is any downward pressure applied to these tabs, they continue to rip the X cuts larger and large until your eavestrough is leaking and unrepairable.  Advance Exteriors uses a specialized gutter insert that will NOT rip your eavestrough and will prevent leaks from happening in the future.  This is a FREE upgrade on all Advance Exterior eavestroughs!

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The Corner…where the leaks happen…

No one can make a gutter without a seam at a corner, but at Advance Exteriors we custom make each corner to perfectly fit the angle of your house.  We also use a premium gutter sealant on the seam specially designed to ensure years of leak - free enjoyment.

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Project inspection

We inspect each project after completion to ensure it has been properly installed to our strict guideline.  After all, every now and then mistakes can get made and things get missed, but we want to make sure the little things get corrected and you are completely satisfied with your new eavestroughs!

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5 Year Warranty

We are so confident in our quality and the care we take when working on your home that we are proud to be the first to offer an industry leading lifetime warranty on our installations.  You can have the piece of mind knowing that your house will be properly taken care of when you hire Advance Exteriors for your home renovation project!

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