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Your mother lied…beauty is on the outside!

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Ice Dams

Clear the snow from your roof to prevent ice damming and costly interior leaking!

Take our word for it.  Durastone panels look great, stand up well, and are easy to install.  Look at some of the advantages Durastone has over other products

Light Weight

At less than 1 lb per sq foot, Durastone is much lighter than conventional stone.  This means less bracing, or structural work required.  Durastone can easily be installed by 1 person.

Large Panel Size

With each panel being 12 sq feet it is quite easy to quickly cover a lot of ground when installing.  Seams are virtually invisible due to the non repeating paten and large panel size.

Easy To Install

You don’t have to be a mason or have years of carpentry experience to install Durastone.  Basic carpentry hand tools are all that is required to make your house look like a million bucks!

Realistic Look

Durastone panels look more realistic.  Because many of the other stone products out there are made in smaller pieces or with molds that are replicated, it is easy to see seams and repeating patterns in the competitors products


At under $12 per sq foot and it’s easy installation, Durastone is one of the most economical products on the market.  Don’t let this economical pricing fool you though.  Durastone will out perform any competing products you can find!

It Saves you Money!

Because Durastone is made from 10lb Foam, it also has insulating properties.  With an Insulation Value between R3 & R5 not only does Durastone look great, but it adds energy efficiency as well!